[115] My 5 Most Popular Blog Posts for 2017

I started this blog as an experiment to become a serious writer after all. Writing has been therapeutic, cathartic and productive in helping me come close to my imperfect perfect version that I seek to achieve. My goal was to write 100 posts in a year and I completed it with 14 more, so you can too. This year my goal is to post more than 150 posts.

Here I list my top 5 posts in 2017 as loved by you all –

1. [24] Shapeless Blur

This poem is about a lie we all feed ourselves. In the process of lying to ourselves, we start believing that lie. It also talks about the loneliness we feel and the repercussions it can have if we start believing that narrative of being lonely.

2. [92] The Man Who Knew Nothing

As Bisma Naveed put it, this piece is about ” the struggle to release one’s mind from this tightening noose, the voice that screams and screams inside your head, always consuming never quieting.”

3. [102] The Tragedy of a Muse

It is about us, the writer’s, relationship with the “muse” and how for the benefit of our art we deny ourselves sympathy for a living being’s problems.

4. [104] A Story With No Ending

As @chewingonglass succinctly put it is about “some stories can never end for fear that they will mean our death…”

5. [35] #NaPoWriMo (6/30) [ Smart Phone ]

It’s the poem that got featured in NaPoWriMo’s Day Six winner and it is a modern day poem that you would all relate to.

To 2018! Happy New Year!

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      1. Sometimes it’s better to get wrapped with darkness and then allow the light to enter.I got lost in darkness but now I am back.

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