[210] Past vs Present

For all i learn everyday
I forget a little in return
Vivid memories fail to rise
when new experiences fight
The ones that stay hide behind
return to knock me down
on the darkest days
when they can step out
in the familiarity of yesterday

9 thoughts on “[210] Past vs Present

  1. Rahul, I really like your phrase, “…the familiarity of yesterday.” Sounds like we need to keep the good and toss the bad into a black hole of forgetfulness. Keep your sanity. Avoid torment. Forgive!

  2. I so enjoyed this piece, Rahul! The first two lines set the tone about the reality of life.
    “For all i learn everyday
    I forget a little in return”
    It’s like we prioritize with all the information we take in. But then there will be moments when recall is the most important in crucial moments. Those we celebrate and those which help keep us sane.

    Lovely, Rahul!

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