[77] Living In Extremes.

I live in the extremes of life. Even though it can be said that the closer we are to the extremes, the further we are from life. In a sense, extremes are a veiled longing for death.

Extremes for an artist is to persevere and finish the project she/he’s been working at for months. But the resistance is the arrival of a realisation, that the finished project is utterly disgusting. This is the tragedy of being an artist and tragedy too works in extremes.

The upside to extremes is the ability of its exposure to change our emotional worldview. They take us to the farther ends of our sanity, as we walk a tightrope. On one side is the fall that will consume our sanity and on the other side is a cushion of learning from the extreme situation.

What is the purpose of living, if all we do is breath averagely, content with our existence and our doings? Where do innovation and creativity arise from?

They arrive from discontent, irritability at the status quo. They arrive from a drive to change our situation for the better or worse, to step into a world of the unknown, a world of extremes. It is our decision whether to suppress this underlying feeling of being driven to do something worthwhile or just sit and enjoy the wonders of others facing this underlying feeling of being driven and actually doing something worthwhile.

If one were to dissect and examine our every thought, we would all be put in prison for what dystopian marvels we all think of. The concentrate flow of images and the wrong phrases that unravel in our distracted mind call for an arrest of the being that thinks about it. This is the evil end of the extreme that we need to avoid taking action of.

The key is not to stray out of your own reach in the depths of our mind. To not be drowned in nothing. To not wander aimlessly into the unknown, but with a purpose. Even though the answer at the end of it might not what you imagined to be.


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