[82] Ghostly Silence.

Our love like unicorn tears
only in my dreams it is realised
You hold a book that yawns intelligence
just so there is no scope for me to interpret your silence
The spirit of your strange journey towards me
compels me to hide from your shadows
The strangeness of complexity in your simplest words
leaves me scrambling for something to hold
as it rips apart the sanity I try to pull together

You walk towards me yet I can’t see you
You watch me go down in defeat triumphantly
You keep a flower on my body, wilted as it is
The wilt I hoped to turn to bloom
The bloom I hoped never turn into an inevitable doom

But all of it imagined,
in reality, I step again
Not so far from fantasy
You’re still reading that book again.


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  1. Hi Rahul, thanks for dropping by The Escritorium recently, I post poetry on Sundays and really enjoyed the quiet intensity in this work, Thank you for sharing it. ~ P ~

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